Belle Gunness

The Murder of Belle Gunness: A Tragedy in the Prairie

Belle Gunness, also known as Brynhild Gunness, was an Irish-American serial killer who operated in southern Illinois and Indiana from 18appers to 1908. She became one of the most feared criminals in the region. She lived in a home on Crestwood Drive, where she used a key found in her brother’s shoe to gain access to the house. There she attacked and killed her victims. She often wore a white apron while butchering her victims.

Belle Gunness was the illegitimate child of a man named Anthony Gage. Gage was in jail for twenty years after he was accused of murdering his friend and boss, brewer. He went to Indiana to help his family but was killed during a gun battle with the authorities. Belle was adopted and grew up on a farm in southern Indiana.

Neighbors recall Belle as a sweet, gentle woman who always did a great job raising cattle on the farm. When asked about the truth of her story, she always said she was only a maid on the farm and was never employed in a hospital. Neighbors remembered her as being very kind and always offering help to those in need. Neighbors also said that Belle was a skilled archer and a proficient cook.

Neighbors said that Belle was indeed very popular and well liked by all of the local farm hands. Neighbors remembered that she was always willing to help anyone who asked for assistance even though most times it was often a bit late for the needy person. Belle was also well liked because of her love of animals. Neighbors said that her love for animals was so strong that she would sometimes bring animals to the local veterinary clinic to be treated for injuries or illnesses. Belle was also a very religious person who attended church services on a regular basis and was also known for her kindness to those in need.

The accidental death of Belle Gunness is still unsolved. The coroner has ruled that the death was accidental and that no foul play was intended. The cause of death is still unknown and has not been established as of this writing. However, the circumstances surrounding the death of Belle Gunness have left many unanswered questions, and her tragic accident has left the area in which she lived with her family with a heavy heart.

Belle was at home on the second floor of the house trying to sleep when the fire started. Neighbors said she and the rest of the household members were sleeping in an upstairs bedroom when the fire started. The fire started near the kitchen area of the house and spread quickly throughout the entire farm house. The bodies of the deceased were horribly burned in the fire and the smoke inhalation caused the death of all but one of the occupants of the home, Peter Gunness. The death of Peter Gunness has been headline news for several days and has caused quite a stir in the communities surrounding the rural farm.

Belle Gunness was pronounced dead at the scene of the fire. Police were notified and the Cook County Coroner ordered an autopsy to determine the cause of death. The Cook County Coroner stated that the official cause of death was “accidental burn-out” of the kitchen stove while preparing dinner for the Gunness family on the night of August 9th. Belle Gunness was the only fatality and the Cook County sheriff stated that she was positively ruled out of drowning and smoke inhalation as the cause of death.

The Cook County Illinois State Police has also conducted their own investigation into the events surrounding the death of the former Miss Belle Gunness. They have interviewed several of the local residents who were at the scene of the fire. The Cook County Coroner has also conducted their own investigation and ruled the death of Belle Gunness a homicide. The official word from the state police is that the investigation is still ongoing and is not concluded in the current state. The Cook County Sheriff has also stated that there is still pending information in regards to the matter of the bodies found on the Belle Gunness farm.