H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes – A Legend In New Hampshire

 H.H. Holmes was an American criminal known as “The Night Stalker”. He was also known as “The Serial Killer”. While he was charged and hanged for only one death, he later became known as the “professional killer” for many other murders committed during his career. Some of them included those of pregnant women, teachers and businessmen. Even though he committed these murders while committing them was hard for him to do, he always remained calm and collected. His ability to accomplish the job without any sort of emotion is what made him a perfect match for a good detective.

After being freed from the Colorado State Penitentiary in 1911, he moved to another state called Texas. There, he took up work as a mining engineer but soon returned to take part in the killing spree in Colorado again. He became even more at ease with himself, when he settled in an estate near Houston, Texas. For this reason, Holmes earned the better known name of H.H. Holmes.

H.H. Holmes had a fascination with the “shape-shifting” phenomena of the unknown. He considered it an irresistible power. He repeatedly wrote about this subject and was fascinated by the weird stories of Vanishings, mutilated bodies and haunted houses that he encountered in America. These stories had a profound effect on him and created the background of the crime he later committed. Many of the cases that followed these strange events were centered on the idea of Vanishings.

The weird story of H.H. Holmes being the first serial killers in America is quite interesting. At that time, America was still attached to the European revolution and after the revolution, the fear of revolutionized the American society. H.H. Holmes had a vivid imagination of the past, which he connected with his studies and writings. It is possible that his interest in the weird things of the American territory started after his arrival in America.

In August of 1896, after assembling a team of men, H.H. Holmes left for America. Before leaving, he had formed a deep friendship with Dr. Will Graham, who was well acquainted with all the conditions that influenced people in America. Holmes also became very friendly with another young man named Louiscamp Bonestell, a Canadian citizen. Holmes became a great friend of Graham and impressed the young man with his intelligence and ability to grasp situations. H.H. Holmes became the first serial killer in America.

The night he committed his first murder, H.H. Holmes was working on a novel by solving problems in the local drugstore. In order to solve a problem in the drugstore Holmes made the customers go through a trap door. He then asked them to hand over a small sum of money in return of a key that could open the trap door. When the money was handed over, Holmes locked the customer inside the trap door and left him there. Two days later, on Christmas day, Holmes was finally arrested as the prime suspect in the murder of Dr. Will Graham.

H.H. Holmes was born and spent most of his early age in New Hampshire. His father, a physician, died when H.H. was very young and his mother was a governess. As a result of the poverty in which they lived, Holmes spent most of his early years at medical school in New Hampshire. He graduated in January of physiology and was assigned to work at what is now the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he pursued a medical profession.

While working in the medical school, Holmes discovered a new vocation and that was working with dentists. For this new vocation he set up a business in a small store that catered to patients who had dentures damaged during oral surgery. In this store, Holmes began selling medical gloves and bandages. While running this business on a shoestring, Holmes was arrested for selling drugs on more than one occasion and the state court judge sentenced him to two years in jail for his part in a scheme in which he received payments from two doctors in exchange for helping them with their patients.