Pedro Lopez

Serial Murders in Colombia

Pedro Lopez is a Colombian serial killer and child serial killer, who was once sentenced for the killing of 110 girls, however who later claimed to have killed over 300 girls throughout Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Recently, it was revealed that Pedro Lopez had been a sexual addict with at least one girl and his confession included details of how he had strangled his young victim. The sad part was that his victims were mostly young girls, which made his case stronger. His lawyers said that the testimony of the witness was not consistent, which weakened their case.

It was revealed that Pedro Lopez had been a regular visitor in the American home of a family in Colombia, which is near where he lived. When the American family’s daughter heard about the case, she informed the authorities, who then arrested and questioned the suspect. One of the detectives noticed that the killer had a foreign accent, which is when the suspect was quickly identified as Pedro Lopez.

There are many serial killers who get headlines, such as the “enchanted serial killer” or “the haunting of Pickens County”. There are other serial killers who only have a bit of notoriety, such as the “Sandra Bullock killer”. However, one American serial killer is known for the brutal crimes he committed: Pedro Lopez.

The disturbing fact is that this serial killer has been on death row since 1971, yet is still on parole. This monster is said to have killed more than thirteen children over a seven-year period in Colombia and Peru. It is believed that he may have killed even more while he was on death row, however, due to a lack of leads, the investigation is ongoing. Authorities believe that during this span, he abducted and sexually abused some of the young girls.

The investigation revealed that thisPedro Lopez had been obsessed with young girls since at least childhood. Some say he had acted as a father to some of them, others say he was an official suspect in a pedophile ring that existed locally. Whatever his motivation, he picked specific young girls to target and rape, killing them in their sleep and dragging their bodies through the streets. When the bodies were discovered, police found only a few items belonging to the victims, which were a few pieces of fabric from their dresses and uniforms.

After serving time for his crimes, Pedro Lopez began a new life in Argentina, working as a truck driver. However, something happened to him while on his way home one night in 1993. He stopped at a friend’s house where three small children lived. He was arrested after confessing to the murders and brought back to his old ways. He was tried for 16 years in court, but was found guilty of being a cold-blooded killer. He was given the maximum sentence and was paroled after serving half of his sentence.

Years later, records surfaced that showed Pedro Lopez had committed another crime, this time of a violent sexual assault. While in prison he had begun meeting with members of a prison gang that kidnapped and gang raped a woman in her own home. She was able to report the crime to the authorities, but Lopez remained free and has not been apprehended since. However, years later, he was diagnosed as a bipolar disorder patient and was taken off death row. Due to his mental illness, he was declared sane and released. He moved to Argentina and became involved in drug trafficking once more.

Today, he is wanted for murder again. Police believe he may be involved in the murder of eight British tourists in Colombia. A reward has been offered for information leading to his capture. Anyone who can help police with the search is asked to contact Interpol.