Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy – Was He Once a Serial Killer?

The name Ted Bundy evokes images of horror movies. His real name is Ted Bundy. He was an American serial murderer who was obsessed with killing women and sometimes even little kids. Prior to his execution at the age of thirty-one in June of 1989, Ted Bundy denied any involvement in the disappearances and murders of young girls and women throughout the United States and in Mexico.

The name Ted literally means “cloth of the right hand”. He used this name in at least six different instances throughout his life. Beginning in the mid seventies Ted began a killing spree that spanned across several states in the fifty states of the United States. The name Ted literally meant “cloth of the right hand”. After a more than a decade long cold shower of denial, Ted Bundy finally confessed to thirty-one murders which he had committed between 1974 and 1978 in seven different states.

The first case that Ted Bundy was connected to involved thirteen-year old waitress Annabel Walker. Annabel was a victim of sexual assault by Ted Bundy. Several months later, in January of 1977, Ted Bundy took the confession recording to his attorney, Bill Martin. Martin was not impressed with the video and told Ted that there was no chance of conviction.

Two other women were involved in the death of Ted Bundy’s victims. Within a year of Ted’s confession the bodies of twenty-two-year old Kathy Lewis and twenty-one-year old Virginia Beach Police Department employee Virginia Coward were discovered in shallow graves on the ocean floor. They had both been sexually assaulted and killed by Ted. Both women were identified as missing persons. Several months later, in July, Police Detective Trooper Larry Zarrick discovered the remains of twenty-one-year-old Joanna Palmer in a field in Columbia, South Carolina. She had also been brutally murdered.

The Press did not publish the identities of these women until recently. In fact, when the book “CSI: The Killer” was released, it was quickly pulled from the shelves. The reason for this is because none of the victims was identified. There are only clues that will lead detectives to the real killers.

Authorities are still looking for other unidentified victims. Detectives believe that there could be several more victims and that there could be several suspects. This case will be difficult to solve because of how few witnesses have come forward. None of the suspects have ever been caught. A missing person’s report was filed by the FBI in the weeks following the bodies were found. However, the agency has never actually claimed possession of any of the jewelry or money found in the truck.

Detectives are also investigating whether there is any link between serial killer Robert Pickton and Ted Bundy. Pickton is now serving a life sentence for eighteen counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Authorities are asking whether there was any connection between the two men because a series of disappearances were found within just a few months of each other. All of the victims were young girls. Authorities are hoping that they can use DNA to get a finger print of the culprit.

Recently, Ted Bundy’s son, Daniel, has been charged with child molestation after allegations were brought against him by another man. Bundy has denied all charges against him. No charges have been filed against his son. It is unclear at this time if any charges will be filed against Ted Bundy. He is currently in solitary confinement without any additional privileges.

In this case, it appears that the missing people’s case is much like the missing persons cases in which a criminal was never caught. There are many similarities between the two cases. The most notable are the fact that the victims were young girls. Also, some information was available about the suspect in this case, but he had eluded the police and press for years.

There are often several mysteries surrounding serial killers. The only certainty is that they commit atrocious crimes. Most cases require patience and a great deal of legwork to solve. The families of the missing people want justice, and they want to know what happened to their loved ones. However, in some instances, a serial killer may never be caught.

There is one case that authorities believe they may be closer to solving, but at this time, the case is still open. In January 2021, thirty-one-year-old Michael Furter disappeared from a grocery store. The janitor saw him run into the parking lot, and he gave chase to the man on foot, but then turned around and walked away. The janitor then retrieved Furter’s wallet and noticed a satchel that contained his birth certificate, social security card, and a credit card bill. The authorities are asking for any information that could lead them to the badly missing man.